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Bathroom accessories - Polyresin bathroom accessories development space

Time2016/3/28 PostedSTL Home Collection (Dong Guan) Ltd.
According to the Ministry of sanitary fittings and performance in April 2015, the development space of sanitary ware accessories, resin bathroom crafts show a good development trend. Resin bathroom accessories sets of lines a lot, but most, including Tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish holder, tissue boxes, wastebasket, toilet brush box. The use of traditional bathroom accessories frequently, product updates more fastly, all of them are used for consume goods. But the transformation of the resin bathroom accessories for art, it has the use and ornamental value, the appearance is a fine art, more easy to attract consumers.

From the material, resin bathroom accessories products unlike other material bulky products, resin bathroom accessories not only material crystal, and is not fragile, the outward appearance is exquisite, give a person a good visual enjoyment, can enhance their grades.

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