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How to maintian Resin bathroom gifts

Time2016/3/29 PostedSTL Home Collection (Dong Guan) Ltd.
Resin bathroom gifts as wedding new homes, housewarming gifts, it has been more and more friends are welcome, gifts also did not forget to give yourself prepare. we all know that resin bathroom gifts are not cheap, buy back later, in use process, of course, have to pay attention to maintenance, or so far your resin decoration because of improper maintenance damaged, make a person very trouble. The problem of how to maintain bathroom gifts after you buy it at home, today we would like to issue following advise for your reference:
First of all, gifts can be a common resin bathroom cleaner, but not to be exposed to saline arcly corrosive liquid.
Secondly, not for high temperature tea or to contain high temperature material, also do not use metal brush cleaning, so as not to cause damage to the resin bathroom products, you can use a soft cloth to wipe.

Third, our resin bathroom gifts are using environmentally friendly resin, the new products will have a slight smel;, which is a very normal phenomenon after export from our factory, but after two days of openning gift box,it will gose away, and you can use it without any worry.

In the end, we have a variety of resin bathroom gifts surface technology, more resistant to fall, so we use the process of more attention to mkae the products more safety under the transportation.

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