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Bathroom accessories ushered in the past 13 years of small peak orders

Time2016/3/28 PostedSTL Home Collection (Dong Guan) Ltd.
The weather is becoming hotter and hotter, and in an instant it is a hot summer. Bathroom accessories also increased with the temperature gradually ushered in a small peak in 2013 signed orders. According to the bathroom accessories sales department performance express display, March 5, 2013 the company will usher in a new resin sanitary ware accessories, bathroom accessories signing peak, double know resin bathroom accessories to the small peak has, from the aspects of the raw materials, personnel, technology is done to the appropriate reserve.

People's living standards improve, and this generation after 80 growth. Over the past few years resin bathroom accessories and sanitary ware accessories has also been more and more consumers welcome, STL has gradually become a resin bathroom accessories industry the most influential a

R & D and production enterprises, STL knows resin bathroom accessories market gradually from the overseas development to inland areas, and by more and more customers love.

STL  resin bathroom accessories main production inlcude of resin bathroom set, sanitary ware accessories, resin bathroom suite, resin household ornaments, resin artware, lamps, etc. creative household items, products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, US. and other places.
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