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Resin products and home decoration industry

Time2016/3/28 PostedSTL Home Collection (Dong Guan) Ltd.

Home accessories has became popular, not only has a close relationship with the improvement of the quality of life of the public, but also by the decoration design industry in recent years to promote the "light decoration, re-decoration," the impact. A lot of people in the home decoration reversed the old traditional ideas, do not pursue overly complex decoration, but pay more attention to the latter part of the soft decoration, including high-grade resin furniture, fabric, lighting, indoor color collocation, can highlight the personality, and can be easily by modifying to increase home "grade".

Home accessories are also shift from the previous single type is diverse, from the material, fabric, glass, ceramics, resin decoration, wrought iron and other; from the use of, murals, Candlestick, resin lamps, dolls and other. Home accessories also do the functional and decorative unity, in order to bring greater convenience to life, watching and practicality of unity, in order to make our lives more comfortable.

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